The world's lightest
portable laptop stand

A unique design idea from grape lab sustainable design lab, g.flow is entirely made from a single sheet of recycled paper. It is also sturdy enough to hold even the heaviest laptops. Plus, g.flow is made of 100% recycled Neutral pH paper. No glues. No chemical coatings. No waste. Ready to recycle, ready to go back to nature.

Lightweight and Portable,
Ready for Any Device

g.flow is the world’s lightest and most portable laptop stand, weighing only 45g (1.5oz). A unique design idea from grape lab sustainable design lab, g.flow is entirely made from a single sheet of recycled paper. Plus, it is sturdy enough to hold even the heaviest laptops.

Slim and Multitask,
Full Workstation in a Small Case

We made a laptop stand as light as paper—weighing only 1.5 oz. It’s the lightest laptop stand ever. And the best part about paper. . . It’s foldable. g.flow collapses down to 3cm and slides elegantly into a slim case making it extremely portable for on-the-go workers and nomads.

No More Pain,
Perfect Angles for View & Type

The carefully designed origami structure has the perfect angles for viewing and typing. It also prevents your devices from overheating with creases that keep the air flowing so you can keep on work flowing.

Origami Structure

Made by folding a single sheet of recycled paper, without any glues or chemical coatings. The creases created by the amazing paper folding technique help to keep the air flowing, preventing the devices from overheating.

Recycled & Recyclable

More important than only focusing on creating a good product, we understand all the process behind it. We meticulously think about all the steps our products take: from the production process to its disposal.

“I didn’t know 100% recycled paper could be this beautiful and this strong! Besides being comfortable, knowing it’s a sustainable product makes it even more meaningful to use. I love carrying it around!”

Graphic Designer |

Seoul, South Korea

“I work in an open plan office and I am always moving around to different work spaces. The g.flow is great because I can take it anywhere and set it up quickly. It makes me work ergonomically even when I’m not at my own desk.”

Marketing Director |

California, United States

Art Edition
Receive & Give Back

We collaborate with artists with disabilities for the g.flow art edition.

Our goal is to continue working with vulnerable people, giving them visibility and opportunities for growth, creating a circular economy and a profitable collaborative platform.

Sunset, illustrated by Kyung-wook Bae

The Pyramid’s Maze, illustrated by Hyun-woo Kim

Baobab, illustrated by Hyun-woo Kim​

Hyun-woo Kim

The artist Hyun-woo Kim transforms everything he sees and feels into ‘pixel’ shapes. He is immersed in drawing for over 8 hours a day, making his unique world through pixels.His pixels go beyond the canvas, expressed on notes, recitals, media, and products.

Kyoung-wook Bae

The combination of the artist’s daring brush movements and color express passion and hope. The colors and brush movements on his naturalistic and abstract works are free and they are composed of daily subjects that seem to embrace the pains of life in an open-minded approach.

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