Small & Light
The world’s most sustainable portable multi-stand

Finely crafted to be a beautiful piece of sustainable design, and as light as a 90g (3oz) piece of paper. g.stand is designed using a single sheet of 100% recycled paper, without any bonding, or chemical coating, being able to easily decompose in nature.

Lightweight but Strong, Ready for All Your Books

g.stand is the lightest and most portable multi-stand you can find! Weighing only 90g (3oz), it is a unique design idea from grape lab sustainable design lab. g.stand is entirely made from a single sheet of recycled paper and ready to hold even the heaviest books.

Slim and Portable,
Small Enough to Fit Any Bag

Perfect for taking to the library, coffee shops, airplanes and anywhere else you can enjoy your books. g.stand is small enough to slide gracefully into any bag. It’s practically weightless!

in Every Way

g.stand’s slim case can be also used as a phone holder. Keep your phone at reach even when reading or using g.stand as a laptop holder. The possibilities are endless!

Origami Structure

Made by folding a single sheet of recycled paper, without any glues or chemical coatings. The creases created by the amazing paper folding technique are what make g.stand strong and lightweight.

Recycled & Recyclable

More important than only focusing on creating a good product, we understand all the process behind it. We meticulously think about all the steps our products take: from the production process to its disposal.

“It’s so light it doesn’t add up to my already heavy backpack.
Perfect for using when I’m studying for long hours in the cafes!”

University Student |

California, United States

“I use g.stand at my work, to hold documents I have to constantly check.
The colors are so beautiful that it always brightens my day!”

Content Producer |

Frankfurt, Germany

Art Edition
Receive & Give Back

We collaborate with artists with disabilities for the g.stand art edition.

Our goal is to continue working with vulnerable people, giving them visibility and opportunities for growth, creating a circular economy and a profitable collaborative platform.

Airplanes, illustrated by Seung-ho Shin

The Pyramid’s Maze, illustrated by Hyun-woo Kim

The Fast Road, illustrated by Dong-hyun Kim

Seung-ho Shin

The artist Seung-ho Shin, grape lab’s illustrator and production manager, is very interested in the structure of things.He enjoys drawing vehicles, especially planes, cars, trains, and tanks. Even though its destination and passengers are different, each plane flying in the vast sky has something in common.

Hyun-woo Kim

The artist Hyun-woo Kim transforms everything he sees and feels into ‘pixel’ shapes. He is immersed in drawing for over 8 hours a day, making his unique world through pixels.His pixels go beyond the canvas, expressed on notes, recitals, media, and products.

Dong-hyun Kim

The artist Dong-hyun Kim is an expert in roads. He memorizes paths from all over the world and draws them. A mixture of highways, train tracks, and even subway systems, his roadways are not just limited to the real world. They sometimes travel back to ancient times. Dong-hyun even transports us into a surreal and imaginative world. Shall we take an adventure following his roads which are crossover reality and imagination?

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