A diary born
from discarded things

Modern society is creating massive amounts of garbage from mass production and impulsive consumption. Are the things we inadvertently throw away just trash? grape lab strives to present a new perspective to our lives covered with plastic and waste by creating products that can reduce waste instead of producing it.

80 Plastic Caps
Become Diary Covers

Over 480 billion plastic bottles are thrown away a year in Korea alone. And so do their caps. The I’m Waste Based Diary is an attempt to repurpose things that usually end up in landfills. That’s why we collect and transform HDPE plastic into something useful. Every 80 plastic caps become a beautiful and unique cover.

No Hard-To-Recycle Materials

Glues, coatings, and other processes interfere with recycling. When designing the I’m Waste Based Diary, we eliminated unnecessary elements, making every piece easily recyclable. We used sustainable typefaces that reduce ink usage by 33%. Through the I’m Waste Based diary, we want the materials to express their uniqueness and personality without decorations and processing.

Mix & Match
Pick Only Pages that Matter

The pages are made of tree-free high-quality recycled papers made from upcycled materials such as take-out coffee cups, cocoa husks, natural fiber by-products, leather by-products, and recycled papers. Through the I’m Waste Based diary, we want to explore the hidden value of materials that are considered trash.

Upcycling Waste
From Printing Facilities

Sustainable design is the core of this project. We studied the manufacturing process of printed materials to identify the waste generated from the Printing Factories. We collected the cardboard and papers discarded in the Chungmuro neighborhood printing shops to create front and back covers for the I’m Waste Based Diary series.

A New Beginning to Trash

No glues. No chemical coatings. No waste. The main difference lies here. We don’t take from nature to create our I’m Waste Based Diary. We use the scraps from industry and reinvent them: using minimum resources, we’ve designed a ready-to-use and ready-to-recycle product in a closed-loop manufacturing process.

I love how personalized this diary can be. I picked only the sections the are useful for my work and planning. The unique plastic covers are so beautiful, I feel like this product was made just for me.

Crowdfunding Backer |

Seoul, South Korea

The whole initiative behind the product is awesome. I'm enjoying using a product that I know is not causing a bad impact in the environment. Plus, beautiful design!

Crowdfunding Backer |

Seoul, South Korea

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