Sustainability All the Way

grape lab, is a sustainable design lab which does various experiments to solve environmental and social issues from a design point of view. We focus on wasted resources and vulnerable people in marginal areas of our society.

Combining recycled and wood-free papers with unique folding techniques we create unique stationery products with sustainable lifecycles

Zero Waste

We transform wasted resources into design pieces. The scraps of our production process become cards, tags, bands and shopping bags, creating a culture of zero-waste, which is part of our goals.

Sustainable Culture

We turn upcycling into part of our culture by practicing greener habits with our community on workshops and exhibits–changing their habits and mindset to protect and prepare future generations.

Job Opportunities

We offer work opportunities to vulnerable minorities in our society–creating a collaborative platform for people with disabilities to show their talents, gain space and become financially independent.

design consulting

Products and services development

At grape lab, we offer sustainable design solutions for brands. We specialize in products made using eco-friendly materials and origami-like folding structures. Our studio’s showroom in Seoul has a library of eco-friendly materials and a gallery of sustainable products for public consultation. Come visit our office!


Let's create a culture of sustainability in our community

During our workshop sessions, the participants take one step further on understanding the environmental problems our world is facing and experience the process of creating solutions for these issues. During the workshops, seeing different styles and points of view help everyone connect and creates synergy among participants.

About the Founder

Alice Kim

CEO & Art Director

Alice Kim was a UX designer with 10+ years of experience in the IT area and one of the initial members of Kakao, a popular mobile service in Korea. Her creation, Kakao’s emoticon service, generated high profit, over 3B dollars, for the company and for local cartoonists. After concluding her Masters in Sustainable Design at Kingston University in the UK, she changed her path, deciding to solve world’s problems from a designer point of view. She is keen to build a sustainable circular economic system, focusing on wasted materials, upcycling, marginalized artists and minorities.

Meet the Team

Jinju Kwon


Mela Sohn


Sunny Lee


Seung Ho Shin

Illustrator & Production Manager

Hwang Jae Cho

Creation Team

Seong Jin Han

Creation Team

Hong Jun Kim

Creation Team

Woo Jeong Lim

Creation Team

Ye Eun Han

Creation Team