The Connected Road at MMCA


This participatory exhibition started from a road painting by a young artist with learning difficulties, Donghyun Kim ; one of the artists in “Rawside”. He is a specialist in drawing roads. His roads are very detailed and follow logical patterns.

img_6908_s img_6819_ss

Grape Lab collaborated with him in a sustainable way in terms of materials and participation . Wasted cardboard boxes became the perfect canvas for the road painting. Disassembled boxes were big enough and informal structures of the shapes were beautiful and well matched with the complicated road shapes.

img_7123 img_7121

img_7119 img_7081

The informal structures made many branches of roads, so many audience members could engage to link the road together simultaneously.

img_7111 img_7106 img_7102 img_7101 img_7084 img_7079

img_7074 img_7071 img_7125


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